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Written by Daniel Tait on 3rd March 2023 (3 minute read).

Sumplete was invented and coded by AI (ChatGPT).

Yeah, I’m not joking. After a few hours of prompting, the AI chatbot had created this unique puzzle game. ChatGPT not only came up with the idea, but also coded the game, designed it and even named it!

I first asked ChatGPT for some recommendations for a new puzzle game to play if I enjoyed playing Sudoku.

A solid list of results, but I was already familiar with all these puzzles. I wondered if ChatGPT could actually invent its own puzzle for me?

Yes it can! And an interesting first attempt. I asked it to invent some more.

On the 4th attempt it came up with this "Sum Delete puzzle" which I liked the look of. Could ChatGPT create me a playable version?

30 seconds later I had a fully playable version of the puzzle in my browser. Incredible. I then asked to improve the design by adding some CSS.

No problem. I spent the next few hours iterating the game with ChatGPT - adding new features and improving the design. We finally landed on the version that is playable today!

But is this actually an original puzzle? ChatGPT thinks so! Please send me feedback if you have played something similar before.

Finally it needed a name. I thought it was only fair to let ChatGPT name its creation ... with a little guidance.

And that is how Sumplete was created in a few hours by ChatGPT. We hope you enjoy the puzzle!